Ministry of Labour Upcoming Blitz Notice

Personal protective equipment
From January 6 to March 13, 2020, the ministry will run an initiative focusing on the lack and misuse of personal protective equipment such as foot, eye, hearing and respiratory protection devices.

Ministry inspectors will focus inspections in:

  • industrial, commercial and institutional building construction
  • residential building construction
  • civil engineering and roadwork

Phase 1: Compliance assistance
Dates: January 6 to March 13, 2020

Phase 2: Focused inspections
Dates: February 3 to March 13, 2020

Tips on how to prepare for an MOL blitz/initiative inspection

Before the inspector’s visit

  • Check your accident experience in relation to the blitz/initiative topic.
  • Review OHSA sections and regulations that may apply based on the blitz’s/initiative’s focus.
  • Determine whether you are currently meeting or exceeding the minimum legal requirements in those areas.
  • Consult with MOL Health and Safety Partners for specific information and services that may help you prepare.
  • Review the ministry’s blitz-related material.
  • Discuss compliance strategies with your Joint Health and Safety Committee (JHSC) or Health and Safety Representative (HSR).

During the visit

  • Ensure all required documentation is available to the ministry inspector.
  • Ensure supervisor and worker health and safety representative are available.
  • Ensure the workplace parties co-operate with the ministry inspector.

The inspector will focus on:

  • compliance with the OHSA and its regulations.
  • health and safety programs and policies related to the blitz topic, if applicable.
  • Internal Responsibility System (IRS) training requirements and any deficiencies.
  • record of injuries, including blitz/initiative related issues/hazards.
  • workplace specific hazards related to the blitz/initiative.

Note: Inspectors can legally enter a project or workplace at any time without warrant or prior notice (OHSA section 54(1)(a)). An inspector will identify himself/herself by means of ministry identification. No person shall hinder, obstruct, molest or interfere with or attempt to hinder, obstruct, molest or interfere with an inspector in the exercise of a power or the performance of a duty under this act or the regulations or in the execution of a warrant issued under this act or the Provincial Offences Act with respect to a matter under this act or the regulations.