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Chainsaw Awareness Training

The Chainsaw Safety Awareness Training Program is designed to provide participants with a basic understanding about chainsaws. This training will allow participants to learn about how to inspect and use chainsaws. The practical portion of this training will allow the participants to get hands-on experience using chainsaws in a controlled environment.

NOTE: Employers will need to supplement this training program standard with additional information, instruction and training in workplace-specific policies and procedures and workplace-specific equipment related to chainsaw safety. This should cover the particular equipment and applications you will encounter in the workplace.

Course Overview

  • 3 Basic Rights of Workers
  • Chainsaw Statistics
  • Parts of a Chainsaw
  • Chainsaw Operations
  • Injuries and Preventing Injuries
  • Sharpening Chainsaws
  • Forklift and Lift Truck Components
  • Chainsaw Parts